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My grandmother, Mai Xuan, was born and raised in Thailand. Ever since she was young, she has had a natural passion for art and fashion. She honed her skills in sewing bras, which eventually inspired her to enter the world of swimwear.

After returning to Vietnam, her creative spirit led to the establishment of one of Vietnam's earliest swimwear brands. Her goal was to introduce innovative and fashionable swimwear to Vietnamese women.

​Starting from the 1990s, Xuan Thu is a regular sight on the beaches of Vietnam and at beauty pageant programs.



My mother inherited a passion for artistry from her own mother. Despite originally dreaming of becoming a flight attendant, her love for fashion eventually won out. With great enthusiasm and dedication, she worked tirelessly to develop her own brand, Xuan Thu. Through her hard work, Xuan Thu grew from a small tailor shop into a nationwide chain of swimwear stores, known for their beauty and quality. Her love for her work is evident in every one of her exquisite swimsuits, which are now enjoyed by customers throughout Vietnam and beyond.

This picture, she said, was the first time she brought swimsuits from  store to an expo in Ha Noi, feeling both fearful and excited.


​Xuan Thu

Today, Xuan Thu continues to thrive on the history of our family's craft, passion, and dedication to curating the most perfect swimwear. We have brought to life Aquamarine, which represents 50 years of heritage. Xuan Thu still preserves and exemplifies the most important things in the art of tailoring: love for the craft, meticulousness, and enthusiasm when creating any swimsuit.

Thank you

​Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey, from family trips to swim lessons. We are immensely grateful for the opportunity to build a Vietnamese heritage swim brand that is growing every day. We hope that Xuan Thu will continue to be a part of your journey, and we thank you once again for supporting Vietnamese women, craftsmanship, and dream.

Su & Be

(​Xuan's granddaughters, Ha's daughters) 

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