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swimwear & activewear manufacturer 

High Quality, Low MOQs

​50 years of craftsmanship for your brand 

​Our X-Factor

Xuan Thu is a high-quality fashion manufacturing factory in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. We are one of Vietnam's first swimwear brands since 1970 and a household name in the country. Our strengths are in swimwear and activewear craftsmanship, a strong network of suppliers, and our fantastic team of fashion experts

Three-generation women led family business

​50 years of experience in swimwear manufacturing 

Low minimum orders,

high quality craftsmanship 

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 50 years of heritage

​5 decades, 3 generations, and millions of swimsuits, Xuan Thu is always proud and grateful to accompany you and your family through countless summer trips. Read more about your history.

​Our Experts

Our teammates are experts in their crafts, with experiences of more than 15 years! At Xuan Thu, we believe in creating a happy, healthy, and creative workspace for all.

Meet the artist behind each swimwear!

​Han is our cutting lead. She manages a team of excellent cutters that embraces every fabric, shape, texture. 

Han, Cutting Lead

​Been with us for 15 years

Bong's expertise and detailed orientedness has the ability to perfect any piece of clothing! 

Bong, Sewing  

​Been with us for 10 years

Thuan is our lead sewer, and is a flat-lock machine master. Her craftsmanship is showcased in all of our premier products.  

Thuan, Sewing - Flat-locks 

​Been with us for 11 years

​Our Space

 Located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, our factory is a bright, spacious space with modern machinery for all your manufacturing needs. From cutting, sewing, and finishing, everything is done perfectly in-house. 

Where you can find our client products

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​40/31-33 Bau Cat 1, Ward 14,Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh, VN


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